Sometimes, you just have to pray it out


“Just hang in there.” “Things will get better.” “This too shall pass.” Crazy thoughts. Sometimes true, but sometimes horribly inaccurate. Things don’t just get better.

We often extend our trials unnecessarily. Impatiently waiting for the storm to pass so we can find some sense of comfort and relief. We nervously persist, waiting for things to change. We yearn for a reprieve from the current discomfort we find ourselves in.

What do we do when waiting isn’t working? When endurance simply falls short we must change our strategy. What if, we pray? What if we took a moment and talked directly to God about our situation? What if He is listening? What if He is interested in your circumstances and state of mind? What if He actually cares? What a mind blowing thought. Well, the truth is this. He does care and He wants to help.

Great news! Thank you, Jesus. Fix all of my problems right now, right? Wait a  minute, it doesn’t usually work out that way.  When we give our problems to Jesus what we don’t realize is that most of what we think are our problems are not our actual problems. You are usually your biggest problem. When you give it all to Jesus He takes control and begins a work in you. Sometimes He fixes the circumstances but usually He works on fixing you. He repairs our perspective and our attitude. He repairs our lack of trust and unwillingness to endure. He gives us patience when we want results. He gives us the supernatural ability to suffer long when we want an alleviation of discomfort.

When we pray, we surrender. We yield. We forfeit our rights and wants. We give up our strength and our weakness. When we empty ourselves of our wants, our rights and our privileges we will find ourselves full of His strength and righteousness and love.

Simply hanging in there changes very little. Hanging on to Jesus changes everything.

-Pastor Danny

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